Mergers and Acquisitions Success,Preparedness and Continuity

The High-Return Enablers of M&A Success, Preparedness and Continuity By Peter Adams, CEO Lighthouse Integration Strategies Much has been published by reputable sources concerning the low success rate of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The reported failure rate varies a bit, but in general it hovers between a non-propitious 65 to 75%. Additional published research has [...]

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Sarbanes-Oxley: A Path to Higher Multiples, Not Just a Burden

Caution from All Sides The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was passed by Congress in 2002 as a way to restore integrity and trust in US capital markets.  At that time, trust and integrity had been severely damaged after the discovery of financial mismanagement and deceitful accounting practices at Enron and Tyco – a shock that triggered [...]

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Minimizing M&A Clawbacks

 Minimizing M&A Clawbacks by Peter Adams  Vice President Client Services and  M&A Integration Practice Leader Investopedia provides a very succinct definition of ‘clawback’; “Money or benefits that are distributed and then taken back as a result of special circumstances.” The concept of clawback stems from the principle of fair exchange.  Fair exchange means money expended [...]

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M&A Buyouts – Winning the Lottery

M&A Buyouts - Winning the Lottery by Peter Adams: VP Client Services and M&A Integration Practice Leader In the 2004-2005 time frame, a Microsoft team was scouring the west coast tech horizon for a software firm, with specific capabilities, to acquire. The team had a clear set of criteria in mind and after a short [...]

M&A Integration – 5 Essential Guidelines for Assuring Success

M&A Integration - 5 Essential Guidelines for Assuring Success  By Peter Adams, Vice President of Client Services and M&A Integration Services Practice Leader Lighthouse IS, Inc. The Industry Track Record of M&A Success is Not Impressive Fifty percent is the number most quoted as the rate of mergers and acquisitions that fail to meet their [...]

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WWE and Unintended Consequences

WWE and Unintended Consequences When New Technology Solves One Problem and Creates Another No question about it, new technology can create opportunity. That’s especially so for start-ups with nothing to lose. But what if you’re an established organization with mature revenue streams? World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) recently learned the hard way that technology [...]

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IT Security is Your Responsibility

IT Security is Your Responsibility Is There a Job-Threatening Skeleton In Your Server Room? We all heard about the massive data breach at Target last Christmas. Roughly seventy million customer records were compromised, resulting in a dramatic 4th quarter profit hit and an avalanche of lawsuits for the big box retailer. However, unless you’re a [...]

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Effective Decisions: Where do you turn when you run out of ideas?

Effective Decisions: Where Do You Turn When You Run Out of Ideas? It happens to every CEO or business owner sooner or later. Your organization confronts a problem and you don’t know what to do. When those challenges are legal or financial, you can find reliable, expert help pretty easily. But where to do you [...]

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Strategic Technology Investments: Are You Spending Your IT Budget Wisely?

Strategic Technology Investments: Are You Spending Your IT Budget Wisely? Strategic technology investments should help business create value and competitive advantage, not be a drag on the bottom line. Given that businesses, the workforce, and technology are all dynamic, every opportunity to spend money on IT is an opportunity to execute strategy. The goal should [...]

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Mergers and Acquisitions – Make Your Merger Count

Mergers and Acquisitions – Make Your Merger Count Mergers and acquisitions have a purpose. Regardless of the specifics, companies join forces with the goal of increasing revenue and driving down costs. The executive team must answer one basic question at the outset. “Do we integrate the operations or not?” Integration is not always the answer [...]

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